Wine Tours & Wineries

Wine making in Oregon began more than 150 years ago when Peter Britt of Jacksonville brought grapevine cuttings from California to create his Valley View Vineyard.

With wineries opening up every year, Southern Oregon boasts Wine Tours from Ashland, Medford and Grants Pass to Rogue Valley and Applegate Valley.

Not until the 1970s however was wine growing in Southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley truly re-established. Pear orchards were converted to vineyards, and wine making, rather than on a California scale,  specialized in boutique wineries tucked away along scenic country roads.

Oregon’s Applegate Valley Wine Lovers Tour

Visit the vineyards and the wineries that produce world-class wines as well as historic Southern Oregon farms, ranches and orchards, cheese makers, and mills that combine traditional techniques with modern technology.

Southern Oregon Wine Tour

See stunning rural vistas unique to this spectacular region of Southern Oregon….from expansive vineyards nestled in gently rolling hills, to micro-climate valleys upwards of mountains overlooking huge panoramic views.

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