Atlas Race Medford

Atlas Racers take off

Atlas racers starting fresh on the Medford course

The varied terrain offered by the Rogue Valley, including rivers, valleys, foothills, table rocks and mountains provides for so many outdoor activities here, ranging from the lazy float down the river on an inflatable raft all the way up to intense physical competitions such as The Rogue Run races (marathon, half marathon and more) and The Atlas Race Medford.

While Rogue Run 2015 is a fall event in conjunction with the Harvest Festival, the local Atlas Race is coming up in about two weeks at the end of May. This local contingency of the larger nationwide Atlas Race franchise is actually run in Eagle Point though Medford is identified as the host city.

Watch out for the snake

Watch out for the snake!

While all Atlas races consist largely of man-made obstacles such as walls, crawls and balance installations, an Atlas race cannot be held just anywhere, because natural obstacles such as muddy bogs, hills, water crossings and significant elevation gain are just as important as the man-made portions of the course.

Atlas Race RopesSouthern Oregon literally rises to this challenge with its incredibly varied terrain and temperate climate (not to mention wild animals!) providing for all the natural obstacles Atlas racers crave.
With Atlas Races only available in 14 states, it’s no stretch to imagine many people travel a significant distance to take part. Families, friends and race teams come from hundreds of miles away to participate and it’s much easier to perform at your best when you’re not sitting in a car for hours the same day as the race.

We look forward to hosting you.

We look forward to hosting you!

Along with the whole Rogue Valley, Rogue Regency Inn & Suites welcomes Atlas Race Medford participants and their support teams. We’re located less than an hour from the race course in Eagle Point and easily accessible via Highway 62. You won’t find a hotel that can beat our service and amenities any closer to the Atlas Race Course. With the same passion that you bring to obstacle racing (the fastest-growing worldwide sport!) we look forward to hosting you!